About Us

IGOR TRAVEL.....has over 35 years combined "experience" in the Travel industry!
We offer, “Affordable Travel” and “Five Star Travel”.

Igor... loves to travel & has been all over the "World". He has searched the internet and looked at 1,000 websites to find the best "Deals" At first, he found bargain after bargain... then as time went on, the big travel website companies... became "Greedy"!

Can you imagine that? So what he decided to do is create a website that would lead you to.... "Budget Travel" or...... If you want to be a "High Roller"... and receive "5 Star Travel Service", we have the EXPERIENCE" and "KNOW HOW" to get you what you want!!!!

Travel For Everyone

Our primary focus is to save you $$$$$$$$$$$ on the following: